A snapshot backup is used for backup purposes, creating a backup copy of a disk file, software, or application of the server that you set up previously.

A snapshot backup can also be referred to as a machine backup. You can restore the machine backup if something goes wrong. The image will revert to exactly how it was at the time of the snapshot.


Normal customers:

  • Customers with 1 top-up can create only 1 snapshot backup.
  • Customers with more than 1 top-up can create a total of 3 snapshot backups.

Prime customers: can create each snapshot backup for each machine.

To take a snapshot

Caution: Be sure the machine’s state is off. It is highly recommended to create the snapshot backup after completing the server setup.

1. Choose the 3-line menu icon on the right corner of the selected machine» select Snapshot.

Chip Render - SnapShot 1
2. On the Snapshot machine box, choose + Create Snapshot.

Chip Render - SnapShot 2

3. Enter the name of the snapshot and a description of the snapshot » Choose Confirm.

Chip Render - SnapShot 3
4. The snapshot backup or machine backup is created successfully as displayed in the following photo. Now, in case you want to restore the machine backup, choose Restore of the selected machine.

Chip Render - SnapShot 4

6. To create another snapshot of the machine, choose the 3-dot icon » choose to Remove » and then Create a snapshot again.

Chip Render - SnapShot 5

Note: You can modify the name of the snapshot backup by choosing Modify.
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